May 13, 2022

New Zealand Job no. 853

  • Peaceful Learning
  • Auckland, New Zealand
Part time Nanny Maternity Nanny

Job Description





Caring for a newborn (born 29/1/22),

Starting ASAP and ongoing,

Two days a week (weekdays),



Located: Freeman's Bay, Auckland.


Looking for a calm, confident, happy, gentle baby-led nanny who will help a single mum when she goes back to work. 



Supporting the mum with her newborn on days when she needs to work/go out,

Nurturing the emotional and psychological development of the baby,

Supporting the baby’s health, well being and taking care with any special requirements they may need,

Taking general care of baby, including nappy changes,

Allowing flexibility and potential for more help in the week,

Based in the home, but confident to go on adventures outside in the stroller! 




Salary: Open.

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